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Recall Roster

NHTSA Recalwl No. 10V180000 Manufacturer: Big Dog Motorcycles Models: 2004 Bulldog, Chopper, Mastiff, Ridgeback, Boxer, Pitbull Number of units involved: 1895 Problem: On these motorcycles, there could be a loose connection between the wiring harness connector and the electronic controller. This condition may cause an intermittent loss of electrical power to various components, which can lead to loss of headlamp function or a vehicle stall, increasing the risk of a crash. Remedy: Dealers will inspect and repair the motorcycles free ot charge. Owners not receiving this remedy can call Big Dog at 316/219-9121.

Blue Book prices indeed are for used—oh, wait, excuse me—"pre-owned" bikes, car, boats and ATVs, and they vary depending upon the vehicle's condition, mileage and the region in which it is being bought or sold. In addition to retail prices, the book also lists trade-in values, which are lower, obviously, since they are geared for dealers who hope to make a profit once the bike is resold.

In the end. Blue Book numbers are just a guide to help sellers, buyers and dealers have a reasonable basis that helps them establish a used vehicle's value. The prices I provide in the "Best Used Bikes" segment of Service are Blue Book's figures for motorcycles in excellent condition with a reasonable number of miles sold in or around the Southern California area. The prices are adjusted every month or so as a vehicle's age increases and the market conditions in the selected region change. In the three months since our May issue, for example, the suggested retail value of a non-ABS 2008 Concours 14 has dropped from S9020 to S8565, but that still does not affect the bargain that a brand-new '08 model represents. □

ABS version) and is still brand-spanking-new with a full factory warranty; never mind that it's a 2008 model. If you don't want it, let me know and maybe I'll schedule a one-way flight to East Aurora.

Got a mechanical or technical problem and can't find workable solutions in your area? Or are you eager to learn about a certain aspect of motorcycle design and technology? Maybe we can help. II you think we can, either: 1) Mail a written inquiry, along with your full name, address and phone number, to Cycle World Service, 1499 Monrovia Ave.. Newport Beach, CA 92663; 2) fax it to Paul Dean at 949/631-0651; 3) e-mail it to CWWean\ or 4) log onto, click on the "Contact Us" button, select "CW Service" and enter your question. Don't write a 10-page essay, but if you're looking for help in solving a problem, do provide enough information to permit a reasonable diagnosis. Include your name if you submit the question electronically. And please understand that due to the enormous volume of inquiries we receive, we cannot guarantee a reply to every question.

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