Need for attention to clutch and control is indicated by clutch slipping under load or dragging in released position. In either case, the first thing to be checked is adjustment of control; this is the attention usually needed.

The first warning or indication of shifter control being out of correct adjustment is transmission "jumping" out of engagement when accelerating under heavy pull. This warning must not be disregarded.

Checking and Adjusting External Gear Shifter Control

1. See that control joints from transmission gear shifter lever to gear shifter handlever are well oiled and free-working.

2. Check handlever center pivot bolt nut for tightness.

3. Observe whether there is binding or interference with shifter rod at any point in the shifting range; this is sometimes found as a result of bent rod.

Applying to rear chain lubricated with rear chain oile-r:

A few motorcycles are equipped with rear chain oiler that automatically lubricates chain. Instructions applying to front chain lubrication, also apply to rear chain except that standard factory setting of rear chain oiler adjusting screw is Vi turn open.

Occasionally chain should have additional lubrication as explained above for chain not automatically • lubricated.

Note: Parts for installing rear chain oiler, or for replacement, are no longer available.

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