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Note: With this method of wiring, when spotlamps are turned "ON," headlamp is automatically turned "OFF" and vice-versa.

Description of Cables

C. THREE WIRE CABLE—Green wire; red wire: black wire.

D. LOOM (four wires)—Black wire with red tracer; red wire with yellow tracer: red wire with black tracer; black wire.

E. THREE WIRE CABLE (clamped on outside of right handlebar) —Green wire; red wire; black wire.


2. SWITCH TERMINAL—Green wire from junction terminal (39).

3. SWITCH TERMINAL—Black wire from mudguard lamp (36).

17. JUNCTION TERMINAL C/ronf terminal—left side, in headlamp bracket)—Cable "C" green wire; Cable "E" green wire from handlebar toggle switch (38). Note: Loom "D" red wire with black tracer is connected to this terminal for Standard Equipment Lighting System, but when installing spotlamps, it is disconnected from this terminal and reconnected to junction terminal (31).

31. JUNCTION TERMINAL (side terminal—left side, in headlamp bracket)—Cable "E" red wire from toggle switch (38); loom "D" red wire with black tracer.

32. JUNCTION TERMINAL (side terminal—right side, in headlamp bracket)—Black wires from spotlamps (35) and (37); Cable "E" black wire from toggle switch (38).

35. SPOTLAMP—Black wire from junction terminal (32).

36. MUDGUARD LAMP—Black wire from switch terminal (3).

37. SPOTLAMP—Black wire from junction terminal (32).

38. HANDLEBAR TOGGLE SWITCH (clamped to right bar)— Cable "E" red wire from junction terminal (31); Cable "E" green wire from junction terminal (17); Cable "E" black wire from junction terminal (32).

39. JUNCTION TERMINAL (in saddle bar—right side)—Green wire from switch ternynal (2); black wires from saddle lamps (40) and (41).

40. SADDLE LAMP—Black wire from junction terminal (39).

41. SADDLE tAMP—Black wire from junction terminal (39).

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