Illus 142 Spoking Wheel

C. 18" Wheel (4.00" Tire)—Lay straight edge across brake side spoke flange of hub and measure distance from straight edge to rim. When rim is correctly centered, this distance will be 1/4".

D. Adjust truing stand gauge to side of rim as shown in Illus. 144, so rim at highest point will strike gauge as wheel is rotated slowly. Loosen nipples at highest point of rim on gauge side, and tighten nipples on opposite side the same amount. Repeat this operation until rim runs true sideways. Reverse loosening and tightening of nipples, as explained above if rim moves too far away from gauge. After each loosening and tightening of spokes check rim in relation to hub as explained under paragraph B or C. Rim should be trued to within 1/32" sideways.

E. After rim has been centered sideways with wheel hub and rims true sideways, check it for concentricity. Adjust truing stand gauge to circumference of rim as shown in Illus. 145. If rim rims eccentric (out of round) nipples must be loosened at points rim does not contact gauge and nipples tightened at points rim contacts gauge. Amount nipples are to be loosened or tightened is determined by the amount rim runs eccentric. Rim should be trued to within 1/32" concentrically.

5. After above operations have been checked and corrected, start at valve hole and tighten nipples one turn at a time all the way around rim until spokes are normally tight. While tightening nipples, repeatedly check rim with gauge according to instructions under operation 4.

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