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Removing Speedometer Head and Drive Core

In order to lubricate speedometer drive core, or renew a damaged or broken core, speedometer head must first be removed.

1. Remove instrument panel cover.

2. Remove the two screws that secure speedometer head to instrument panel 'base. :

3. Lift speedometer head as fgr as core housing will permit, and with suitable pliers remove housing-i coupling nut from speedometer head. !

After speedometer head has been removed, core can be withdrawn from housing.

Installing Speedometer Head and Drive Core

1. Remove housing coupling nut from speedometer drive unit.

2. Install core in housing from top end and engage squared lower end of core in speedometer drive shaft.

3. Connect housing lower end to speedometer drive unit and tighten coupling nut securely.

4. Connect speedometer head to housing upper end engaging squared upper end of core-in speedometer shaft and tighten coupling nut securely.

5. Install speedometer head.

6. Install instrument panel cover.

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