Installing New Connecting Rod Bushing

When installing new upper end bushings in rods disassembled from engine, an arbor press, if available, is usually used to press out old bushings and press in the new. When renewing bushings in connection with only a top overhaul, use Harley-Davidson special tools as shown in Illus. 78—bushing tool. Part No. 12057-X, and connecting rod clamping fixture. Part No. 12058-X. Be careful to start new bushings with oil slot in alignment with oil slot in rod.

Ream new bushing to size, or preferably, ream nearly to size and finish to exact size with a hone (Harley-Davidson special reamer, Part No. 11915-X; Harley-Davidson special hone. Part No. 11844-X). A properly fitted pin should have .001" clearance; with this clearance, pin will have just noticeable shake in bushing. Fitting tighter is likely to result in a seized pin or bushing loosened in rod.

Oversize piston pins are available in the following oversizes: .002", .004", .006", .008", .010", .012" and .015".

After installing new connecting rod upper end bushings in connection with only a top overhaul, connecting rod alignment must be checked the same as when an engine is completely overhauled. See "Aligning Connecting Rods," Page 83.


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