Removing And Installing Oil Feed Pump With Engine Installed In Chassis

(Side Valve Engine)

(To Identify Items, Refer to Illus. 57—Also Refer to Illus. 21)

Removing Oil Pump

1. Remove oil feed pipe and install nipple cap. Part No. 3583-15, on oil tank feed pipe nipple to prevent oil from running out, or drain tank. Disconnect oil feed pipe from oil pump nipple.

2. Oil pump is secured to engine gear case cover by one cap screw (11) and three nuts (9, 12 and 13). Two of the nuts are extra long to provide wrench clearance, and their location should be noted so they will be put back on same studs when reinstalling pump. After removing screw and nuts, remove pump.

Unless a new gasket (21) is available be careful not to damage or break the old one. This is a special qasket as concerns both thickness and holes for oil passages. It is not advisable to replace it with a "home-made" gasket. Leaving out a hole or getting one in the wrong location is enough to put the entire oiling system completely out of commission. When a new gasket is needed it should be replaced with "factory-made" gasket.

See "Servicing Oil Feed Pump (Side Valve Engine)," Pages 72 and 73.

Installing Oil Pump

1. Be sure all moving parts of oil pump are thor-oughy oiled. Clean surface of pump body mounting on gear case cover. See that gasket is in good condition, and install it over pump mounting studs. Clean face of pump body.

2. Start pump on mounting studs, turn engine slowly and press lightly against pump until driving dogs on end of cam gear shaft line up with and drop into driving slot in oil pump rotor (17).

3. Install cap screw and lock washer, and install the three lock washers and nuts (two are extension nuts) on pump mounting studs. Make sure to replace the two extension nuts on the studs from which they were originally removed.

4. Tighten cap screw and three nuts securely.

5. Install oil feed pipe and tighten nipple nuts securely.

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