Starting Engine

When starting engine, gear shifter handlever must be in neutral and clutch fully engaged. Spark should be fully advanced or nearly so.

Note: Choke lever positions are as follows:

O.H.V. Engine: Choke lever all the way down, choke is "closed"; choke lever all the way up, choke is "open."

Side Vaive Engine: Choke lever all the way up, choke is "closed"; choke lever all the way down, choke is "open."

All Models: Starting Cold Engine: Set choke lever in fully-closed position, open throttle wide, and with ignition switch "OFF," prime cylinders by operating starter crank once or twice.

Then, with choke lever set V* or Yz closed in mild weather, V* or fully closed in extremely cold weather, and throttle slightly open, turn ignition switch "ON" and start engine with vigorous strokes of starter.

CAUTION: It is only in extremely cold weather that engine may start best with choke fully closed, and even then, it will have to be moved from this position immediately after engine starts. Under no conditions will engine continue to run with full choke.

As soon as engine starts, set throttle for moderate idling speed while warming up or until ready to set motorcycle in motion.

As engine warms up and misfires due to an over-rich mixture, gradually move choke lever toward open position. After engine has thoroughly warmed up, move choke lever to fully open position.

Starting Warm Engine: This applies to engine half way between hot and cold. Move choke lever to V* closed position and with throttle closed, operate starter once or twice. Then, with throttle V* to Vi open, turn ignition switch "ON" and operate starter. Soon after engine starts, choke lever should be moved back to fully open position. Remember: This procedure calls for having throttle part way open during starting strokes after switch has been turned "ON."

Starting Hot Engine: If engine has been shut off for only a brief period and is at about normal running temperature, it is not necessary to use choke lever. Simply close throttle, turn ignition switch "ON" and operate starter. With some engines, depending on carburetor adjustment, hot starting is more dependable if starter is given one stroke before turning ignition switch "ON."

When a hot engine does not start readily, that is, with two or three starter strokes, it is usually due to an over-rich (flooded) condition, and the proper procedure then is to open throttle wide so more air can enter, closing it quickly as engine starts.

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