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Meet Amber... She's 22 years old and hails from Baltimore, MD. She is the winner of the 2010 Miss Fast Lane Biker Delmarva contest held at Dead Freddies On The Bay during bike week in Ocean City, MD. She likes high energy people with great personalities and goals in life. She also loves being in front of the camera. Keep an eye on Amber. We have a feeling you'll be seeing her more often!

Amber is featured on this Iron Angel Custom whose belief is 'Custom Motorcycles for the strength, power and beauty within every woman.' I would say that they have definately made their point. To see more of their custom motorcycles, you can visit them online at


7913 Industrial Park Road Kanton KU, 21601 410-770 9113 ctmcustomaagooaoCon.not



7913 Industrial Park Road Kanton KU, 21601 410-770 9113 ctmcustomaagooaoCon.not


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Well, here is another weird mechanical situation. The Indian that we did the cylinder studs on a while ago came back in with starting problems. Either a battery problem or a starter drive problem or something stupid. Or so it would seem. See, sometimes when all looks well, it is not. Being that this bike has had a lot of stuff changed on it, like tru-dual pipes and a lot of other things, it is not too bad to take it apart to get at the starter. So we off the outer primary housing, being it is belt drive, no big deal. Take a look at everybody in there while we're here. Well the belt is still there, a front pulley, and a rear hub with all the stuff. A lot of rubber dust from the belt, which is normal, so we will blow the crap out of this. If you're smart, when you do this, use your shop vac at the same time as the air hose, and it won't be snowing black stuff all over the place.

With that done, go to the other side. Well, we have to drain the oil tank, the freakin' oil lines go right across the starter. No problemo, pull the drain plug and let it fly. So to keep oil from getting all over the place, take the two fittings out of the tank and put plugs in them. Back to the other side. Take the bolt out of the drive gear assembly and pull the whole deal out. Looks all good here. I have seen these strip all the splines out of the inside of the collar, where it slides over the starter shaft.

Back to the other side. With a long extension and the right alien bit, we can get at the two bolts that hold the starter without too much problem. With those guys out, the starter drops down and now it's easier to get the wires off the starter. Just keep it in your gourd to reassemble it the same way or that starter wire is gonna piss you off later. With that done, pull the starter out, it looks like it won't come out but with a little twisting to the right position, out it comes.

Put it on the bench, and grab the shaft and check it out. The shaft spins in both directions. Well, that ain't good. It should lock in one direction only, and you really should not be able to turn it the other way by hand either. So this drive is toast. Let's open the starter and replace it. We hove showed you this before, nothing different. Take your time, pull the end off, tap the old drive out, and install the new drive, making sure everybody goes back in the same place. Put a little grease on the gears and bearing in there and you are all set. With that done, stick it back in the hole, install the wires first, then the two bolts, and that's that. Stick the oil lines back on, don't forget to put oil back in itlllllll

So, back to the other side. Put the drive gear and bolt back in with a little locktite on the threads. We looked around in here before and all seems well. Stick on the outer cover, connect the battery, let's give it a try. Couple of twists of the wick, gas on, key on contactl Well, it turns over a little, and whatdafucklllll The starter is doing that familiar zinggggggg thing again. Ain't no way the new clutch assembly is no goodl This is a good unit from TERRY COMPONENTS. Never had a problem yet with these. Now I'm pissed off. Let's see what the Hell is going on with this thing. Off the cover again. Check out the drive gear, it seems to be good. Let's tap the button and see what goes round and round in here. The damn drive gear comes out and turns the clutch basket, which turns the front pulley, as expected hey hold on here Houston, we have a problem. The engine is not turning overllll A close look at the pulley and we see why. The splines on the engine pulley on the sprocket shaft let go and the pulley just spins. I'll be dipped in shit, never fails. Take the pulley off to check the sprocket shaft splines. Lucky for the owner, they are fine.

Checked them with the proper tool to be sure. As I think of it, this is not the first one in here to do this. This is a PRIMO belt drive that Indian used. Some were not shimmed properly, "causing this and some had softer metal on the hub insert and it just went away, as this one did. As usual, I have everything else in this joint, except a 45t by 1 and 3/4 inch pulley.

Like I said, sometimes you never know. Gotta call the guys at Primo and get the pulley on the way here. Don't rush on my account, it's too freo-kin cold to test ride anything. (Well, depends what your ridin') so that is that for today. This cold snap really blows a big one, can't wait for spring. Should adios for a while and come back around April or so. Sounds good, but can't pull it off yet Stay warm.

See ya next month( you know what I mean) j.p.fager

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Hilltop Inn • 825 Hilltop Road • Elkton/Fair Hill, MD 21921 • 410-398-1512

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SUNDAY: Come watch NASCAR and live bands

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