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• 19 plants worldwide spread across India, Italy & Germany

4 areas of business -Aluminium Casting Suspension Braking Transmission


"Enduronce Technologies Limited proposes, subject to receipl of requisite approvals, morket conditions and other considerations, to moke on initial public offer of its equity shares and has filed a draft red herring prospectus ("DRHP*) with the Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI"). The DRHP is available on the website of the SEBI at www.sebi.gov.in as well as on the websites of the book running lead managers at www.kmcc.co.in and www.citibonk.co.in.

Investors should note that investment in equity shares involves o high degree of risk and for details relating to the some, see the section titled "Risk Foctors* of the DRHR In addition, th»s press release/advertisement may not be published or distributed in the United States of America and is not an offer or solicitation of on offer for sale of securities in the United States These securities hove not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, os amended, and moy not be offered or sold in the United Slates obsent registration or on exemption from registration under such act There will be no public offering of securities in the United States.*




□ Pay ? 1750 for 3 Years subscription and save ? 1130 on the cover price"

□ Pay ? 750 for 1 Year subscription and save ? 210 on the cover price

Overseas Subscription Plan

Q Pay ? 5500 or US S125 tor 1 Year subscription by air mail post

□ Pay ? 12500 or US $ 300 tor 1 Year Subscription by courier

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