Carburetor Synchronization


• Refer to section 2 of the Common Service Manual for carburetor synchronization procedure

■ Synchronize the carburetors with the engine at normal operating temperature and the transmission in neutral.

- No. 2 carburetor is the base carburetor.

Remove the fuel tank (page 2-11).

Disconnect the fuel valve vacuum tube from the No. 1

carburetor vacuum joint.

Remove the rubber cap from the No. 2 carburetor vacuum joint.


■ Remove the rubber cap by pinching the end of the cap. Do not pinch the cap body or it will be damaged.

Remove the vacuum plugs from the No.3 and No.4 carburetor.

Honda Cbr 600 Del 2000

Screw the adaptors in the No.3 and No 4 carburetor vacuum holes.

Connect the vacuum tubes to the carburetor.

Honda Cbr 600 Del 2000

Synchronize the carburetors by turning the adjusting screws.

Side Stand

Check the side stand ignition cut-out system: —Support the motorcycle upright and raise the side stand, -Start the engine with the transmission in neutral, then shift the transmission into gear with the clutch lever pulled in. — Move the side stand down fully -The engine should stop as the side stand is lowered If there is a problem with the system, check the side stand switch (Section 18).

Check the side stand switch mounting bolts for looseness.

Fazer 600 Side Stand Cut Off Switch

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