Poor Performance at High Speeds

1 Check ignition timing and valve — clearance


2. Disconnect fuel tube at carburetor Fuel flows freely

3. Remove the carburetor and check for clogged jet(s)

Not clogged


5. Check valve spring

Poor Handling

2. If either wheel is wobbling

3. If the vehicle pulls to one side


Fuel flow restricted




Check tire pressure

Improper valve clearance Faulty ignition control module Faulty ignition pulse generator

Lack of fuel in tank Clogged fuel line Clogged fuel tank vent tube Clogged fual valve Clogged fuel strainer

Clogged jets

Cam sprocket not installed properly

Faulty valve spring

Bearing adjustment nut too tight Damaged steering head bearing Bent steering stem

Excessive wheel bearing play Bent rim

Improperly Installed wheel hub or wheel Damaged swingarm pivot bearing Bent axle

Front brake caliper dragging one side Front and rear wheels not aligned Sent fork pipe(s) Bent swingarm Distorted frame

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