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The crankcase must be separated to repair the piston or connecting rod.

Remove the following parts before separating the crankcase.

-Water pump (section 6)

-Cylinder head (section 8)

-Clutch and gearshift linkage [section 9]

-Flywheel (section 15)

- Ignition pulse generator rotor cover (section 1 5)

-Starter motor and starter clutch [section 17)

Take care not to damage the cylinder walls and pistons.

Store the piston components in the same order they were removed so they can be reinstalled in their original locations. Before assembling the crankcase halves, apply sealant on the mating surfaces, wipe off excess sealant thoroughly, _ Mark and store the connecting rod bearings to be sure of their correct locations. If the connecting rod bearings arel improperly installed they will block the oil holes, causing insufficient lubrication and eventual engine seizure

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