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■ A halogen headlight bulb becomes very hot while the headlight is ON, and remains hot for a while after it is turned

OFF. Be sure to let it cool down before servicing. • Use an electric heating element and healed water/coolant mixture for the thermo sensor inspection. Keep all flammable materials away from the electric heating element. Wear protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.

Note the following when replacing the halogen headlight buib.

-Wear clean gloves whiie replacing the bulb Do not put finger prints on the headlight bulb, as they may create hot spots on the bulb and cause It to break.

-If you touch the bulb with your bare hands, clean it with a cloth moistened with alcohol to prevent its early failure, -Be sure to install the dust cover after replacing the bulb.

Check the battery condition before performing any inspection that requires proper battery voltage. A continuity test can be made with the switches installed on the vehicle.

18-1 Combination Meter Disassembly Assembly 18-6

18-2 Tachometer Inspection 18-8

18-3 Coolant Temperature Gauge Inspection 18-8

18-4 Ignition Switch Removal/Installation 18-8

18-5 Side Stand Switch 18-9

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