Honda CBR 600 1997-2000

Lubrication Seal Points

Vent Hose Carburetor

Oil pan mating surface Cylinder head semi-circuler area Right crankcase cover mating surface Crankcase mating surfaces right side Crankcase mating surfaces left side Crankcase mating surface Oil pressure switch threads Thermosensor threads See page 9-14 See page 10-2 See page 11-11 See page 4-4 Do not apply to the sensor head. See page 6-13 Water pump shaft spindle and thrust washer sliding surface Cylinder head 9 mm bolt threads and seating surface Starter reduction gear shaft outer surface M3...

Cbr600 Trable Shooting

Metering Valve Cav Pump

No fuel to carburetor -Clogged fuel filter Clogged fuel tank breather tube Too much fuel getting to the engine Contaminated deteriorated fuel Improper throttle operation Fuel pump system malfunction No spark at plug faulty ignition system section 17 Engine stalls, hard to start, rough idling Contaminated deteriorated fuel Restricted fuel tank breather tube Starting enrichment valve open Fuel pump system malfunction Faulty EVAP CAV and or EVAP purge control system California type Faulty...