Oil Pressure Check

Remove the side fairing (page 2-3). NOTE

• If the engine is cold, the pressure reading will be abnormally high. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature before starting this test.

Stop the engine.

Remove the switch cover and disconnect the oil pressure switch wire by removing the screw.

Oil Pressure Sensor

Remove the oil pressure switch and connect an oil pressure gauge attachment and gauge to the pressure switch hole.


Oil pressure gauge attachment 07510 - 4220100 Oil pressure gauge 07506 - 3000000

or equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.

Check the oil level and add the recommended oil if necessary (page 3-11).

Start the engine and check the oil pressure at 6,000 rpm. Oil pressure:

490.4 kPa (5.0 kg/cm2, 71 psi) at 6,000 rpm (80°C/176°F) Stop the engine.

Apply sealant to the pressure switch threads as shown and install it.

Connect the oil pressure switch wire and install the switch cover.

Start the engine.

Check that the oil pressure indicator goes out after one or two seconds. If the oil pressure indicator stays on, stop the engine immediately and determine the cause (page 18-10).

Oil Pressure Sender Yamaha 1100 Classic

Do not apply to the thread head.


4 mm

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3.2 in)


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