Brake Fluid


• Do not mix different types of fluid, as they are not compatible with cach other.

• Do not allow foreign material lo enter the system when filling the reservoir.

• Avoid spilling fluid on painted, plastic or rubber parts. Place a raq over these parts whenever the system is serviced.

When the fluid level is low, check the brake pads for wear (see next page). A low fluid level may be due to wear of the brake pads. It the brake pads are worn, the caliper piston is pushed out, and this accounts for a low reservoir level. If the brake pads are not worn and the fluid level is low, r.her.k the entire system for leaks (see next page).

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  • Matthias
    What brake fluid for f4i?
    8 years ago
  • ulla-maj
    Where is rear brake fluid resevoir on honda gl1500?
    8 years ago

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