Cylinder Compression Test

fo avoid discharging V\e battery, do not oocotc the srader motor Tor more then 7 seconds.

Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.

Stop the engine and remove all the direct ignition coil/spark plug caps and spark pluys (page 3-6). Support the front end of fuel tank (page 3-4-).

Disconnect the fuel pump/reserve sensor 3P (Black) connector.

Install a compression gauge into the spark plug hole. TOOL:

Compression gauge attachment 07RMJ-MY50100

(equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.)

Open the throttle all the way and crank the engine with the starter motor until the gauge reading stops rising.

The maximum reading is usually readied within 4-7 scconds.

Compression pressure:

Low compression can be caused by:

- Blown cylinder head gasket

- Improper valve adjustment

- Valve leakage

- Worn piston ring or cylinder

High compression can be caused by:

- Carbon deposits in combustion chamber or on piston head




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