DC net rotate the Oil Clearance Inspection

cankshait during insocctton. Clean off any oil from the bearing inserts and main journals.

Install the crankshaft onto the upper crankcase. Put a strip of plastigauge lengthwise on each main journal and avoid the oil hole.






Letters (A B or C) on the left side of upper crankcase are the codes for the hearing support I.D.s from left to right.

Install the dowel pins and oil orifices.

Carefully install the lower crankcase on the upper crankcase.

Apply engine oil onto the main journal 8-mm bolt threads and seating surfaces and install them. Tighten the 8 mm bolts in a crisscross pattern in two or three steps.

Remove the 8-mm bolts and lower crankcase. Measure the compressed plastiqauge at its widest point on each main journal to determine the oil clearance.

SERVICE LIMITS: 0.05 mm (0.002 in)

If main bearing clearance exceeds the service limit, select the correct replacement bearings.

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