Exhaust Emission Control System Pulse Secondary Air Supply System

The exhaust emission control system is composed of a lean fuel injection setting, and no adjustments should be made except idle speed adjustment with the throttle stop screw. The exhaust emission control system is separate from the crankcasc emis sion control system.

The exhaust emission control system consists of a secondary air supply system which introduces filtered air into the exhaust gases in the exhaust port. Fresh air is drawn into the exhaust port by the function of the Pulse Secondary Air Injection (PAIR) control valve.

This charge of fresh air promotes burning of the unburned exhaust gases and changes a considerable amount of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into relatively harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The reed valve prevents reverse air flow through the system. The PAIR solenoid control valve is controlled hy the PGM-FI unit, and the fresh air passage is opened and closed according the running condition (ECT/IAT/TP/MAP sensor and engine revolu tion).

No adjustments to the secondary air supply system should be made, although periodic inspection of the components is rec ommended.



Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

California type:

The California type is equipped with two three way warm-up catalytic converters, a three-way catalytic converter, and a heated oxygen sensor.

The three-way catalytic converters are in the exhaust system. Through chemical reactions, they convert HC, CO, and NOx in the engine's exhaust to carbon dioxide (CO2), dinitrogen (N2), and water vapor.

No adjustment to these systems should be made although periodic inspection of the components is recommended.

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