Flywheel Installation

Clean any oil from the crankshaft taper. Install the woodruff key into the groove in the crankshaft.

Install the flywheel aligning the key way in the flywheel with the woodruff key on the crankshaft.

Apply oil to the flywheel bolt threads and seating surface.

Install the washer and flywheel bolt.




Hold the flywheel using the flywheel holder, then tighten the bolt to the specified torque. ^


Flywheel holder

07725-0040000 (equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.)

Apply molybdenum oil solution to the starter reduction gear shaft.

Apply oil to the starter reduction gear. r jfe

Install the starter idle gear and shaft onto the (g^* crankcase.

07725-0040000 (equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.)

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  • Torsten Dietrich
    How install herohonda motorcycle flywhel ation?
    2 years ago

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