Set the axle in V-blocks and measure the runout. Actual runout is 1/2 the total indicator reading.

Wheel bearing

Turn the inner race of each bearing with your finger. The bearings should turn smoothly and quietly. Also check that the bearing outer race fits lightly in the hub.

Heciace the bear- Remove and discard the bearings if they do not turn inya in pairs, smoothly, quietly, or if they fit loosely in the hub.

Install the new bearings into the hub using the special tools (page 13-11).


Wheel rim runout

Check the rim runout by placing the wheel in a true-ing stand.

Spin the wheel by hand and read the runout using a dial indicator.

Actual runout is 1/2 the total indicator reading.



for optimum bat- Wheel balance ance, the tire balance mark (a paint dot on the side waii) must be located next to the valve stem. Remount the tiro if necessary.

Wheel balance dircctly affccts the stability, handling and overall safely of the motorcycle. Always check balance when the tire has been removed from the rim.



Note the rotating direction marks on the wheel and tire.

Remove the dust seals from the wheel.

Mount the wheel, tire and brake disc assembly in an inspection stand.

Spin the wheel, allow it to stop, and mark the lowest (heaviest) point of the wheel with a chalk. Do this two or three times to verify the heaviest area. If the wheel is balanced, it will not stop consistently in the same position.

To balance the wheel, install wheel weights on the highest side of the rim, the side opposite the chalk marks. Add just enough weight so the wheel will no longer stop in the same position when it is spun. Do not add more than BO grams to the wheel.

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