Install the side collars.

Install the front wheel between the fork legs.

Apply a thin layer of grease to the front axle surface. Install the front axle from the left side. , h^.-'H

Hold the axle and tighten the axle bolt to the specified torque.

Tighten the right axle pinch bolts to the specified torque.



Install both brake calipers and tighten the new mount- BRAKE CALIPER ing bolls lo the specified torque.

With the front brake applied, pump the fork up and down several times to seat the axle and check brake operation by applying the brake lever.

Tighten the left axle pinch holts to the specified torque.

Check the clearance between the brake disc and caliper bracket on each side after installation. The clearance should be at least 0.7 mm (0.03 in).

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