• Always start with the adjusters fully turned in when adjusting the damping.

• Do not turn the adjuster screws more than the given positions or the adjusters may be damaged.

' Make sure he rebound and compression adjusters are firmly located in a detent, and not hetween positions.

Ic adjust both The compression and rebound damping can be sides equally, set adjusted by turning the adjusters.

the right and left damping adjusters DIRECTION H: Increase the damping force

IV the same posi- direction S: Decrease the damping force


Turn the compression adjuster clockwise until it slops, then turn the adjuster counterclockwise.

COMPRESSION ADJUSTER STANDARD POSITION: 1-1/4 turns out from fully turned in




Turn the rebound adjuster clockwise until it stops, then turn the adjuster counterclockwise.

REBOUND ADJUSTER STANDARD POSITION: 1-3/4 turns out from fully turned in

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