Do nor use the oil filter as a jacking point.

• When using the lock nut wrench for the adjusting bolt lock nut, use o 20 inch long deflecting beam type torque wrench. The lock nut wrench increases the torque wrench's leverage, so the torque wrench reading will be less than the torque actually applied to the lock nut. The specification given is the actual torque applied to the lock nut, not the reading on the torque wrench. Do not overtighten the lock nut. The specification later in the text gives both actual and indicated torque values.

• The following components require engine removal for service.

- Crankshaft piston/cylinder (Section 12)

- Transmission (Section 11)

• When installing the engine, be sure to tighten the engine mounting fasteners to the specified torque in the specified sequence. If you do not tighten to the proper torque or to in the proper sequence, loosen all mounting fasteners, then tighten them again to the specified torque in the correct sequence.

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