How To Replace Spark Plugs On Honda Cbr 600

Be careful nut Lu damage the radiator fins.

Remove the lower cowl and inner half cowl (page 2-4).

Disconnect the fan motor sub-harness ?P (Black) connector.

Remove the radiator lower mounting bolt, nut and washer.

Remove the radiator upper mounting bolt and UPPER MOUNTING BOLT/WASHER washer.

Remove the radiator grommet from the frame boss by moving it to the right, then move the radiator forward.

Cbr600f4 Spark

Clean around the spark plug bases with compressed air b9fore removing the spark piuys, and be curc that no debris is alio wad to enier the combustion chamber

Disconnect the direct ignition coil connectors. Remove the direct ignition coils from the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug using the spark plug wrench in the tool kit or an equivalent tool.

Inspect or replace the spark plugs as described in the maintenance schedule.

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