Oil Pressure Inspection

If the of pressure indicator light remains on a few scconds, check the indicator system before checking the oii pressure.

Check the oil level (page 3-14).

Warm up The engine to normal operating temperature (approximately 8CTC/176T).

Stop the engine and remove the oil main gallery sealing bolt.


Connect an oil pressure gauge and attachment to the main gallery.


Oil pressure gauge set 07506-3000000

(equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.)

Oil pressure gauge attachment

07510-MJ10100 (equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.)

Start the engine and increase engine speed to 6,000

rpm and read the oil pressure.

OIL PRESSURE: 490 kPa (5.0 kgf/cm2, 71 psi) at 6,000 rpm/ (80'C/176 F)

Stop the engine and remove the tools.

Apply a locking agent to the sealing plug threads.

Install and tighten the sealing plug to the specified torque.




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