Peak Voltage Inspection Procedure

• Use this procedure for the ignition pulse generator and cam pulse generator inspection.

• Check ail system connections before inspection. If the system is disconnected, incorrect peak voltage might be measured.

• Check cylinder compression and check that all spark plugs are installed correctly.

• Use the recommended digital multimeter or a commercially available digital multimeter with an impedance of 10 MQ/DCV minimum.

• If the Peak Voltage Tester (U.S.A. only) is used, follow the manufacturer's instruction.

• The display value differs depending upon the internal impedance of the multimeter.

• Disconnect the fuel pump connector before checking the peak voltage.

Open and support the front end of fuel tank (page 3-4).

Disconnect the fuel pump/reserve sensor 3P (Black) connector.

Avoid touching Connect the peak voltage adaptor to the digital multiple leale: probes meter. to prevent cloctric shock- JOOLS:

Peak voltage tester (U.S.A. only) or Peak voltage adaptor 07HGJ-0020100

with commercially available digital multimeter (impedance 10 Mii/DCV minimum)

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