Hondabond On F4i Waterpump

Oil pressure switch threads



Liquid sealant (Three Bond 1207B or equivalent)


Do not apply sealant to the thread head 3-4 mm (0.1 - 0.2 in).


Cylinder head semi circular cut-out




Main journal bearing surface

Piston pin sliding surface

Connecting rod bearing surface

Connecting rod small end inner surface

Crankshaft thrust surface

Camshaft lobes/journals and thrust surface

Valve stem (valve guide sliding surface)

Valve lifter outer sliding surface

Water pump shaft spline and thrust washer sliding surface

Clutch outer/piimary driven year sliding surface

Clutch outer guide sliding surface

M3/4, C5. C6 shifter gear (shift fork grooves)

Starier reduction gear shaft outer surface

Primary sub-gear friction spring sliding surface



Molybdenum disulfide oil (a mixture of 1/2 engine oil and 1/2 molybdenum disulfide grease



il I

Lngine oil

Piston ring sliding area Oil strainer packing Clutch disc surface Starter one way clutch sliding surface Connecting rod nut threads Flywheel bolt threads and seating surface Main journal 9 mm bolt threads and seating surface (after removing anti-rust oil additive) Cylinder head special bolt (after removing anti-rust oil additive)

Clutch center lock nut threads

Oil filter cartridge threads and O-ring

Camshaft holder bolt threads and seating surface

Oil cooler center bolt threads

Each gear teelh and rotating surface

Each bearing

Each O-ring

Other rotating area and sliding surface

ENGINE (Cont'd)


Timing hole cap threads Each oil seal lips



Multi purpose grease

Upper crankcase scaling bolt threads

Lower crankcase sealing bolt threads

Cylinder head sealing holt threads

Cylinder head cover breather joint threads

Cylinder head sealing bolt threads

Cam pulse yenerator rotor bolt threads

Starter one-way clutch outer bolt threads

Oil pump driven sprocket bolt threads

Shift drum bearing set plate bolt threads

Mainshaft bearing set plate bolt threads

Cam sprocket bolt threads

Cylinder head cover breather plate bolt threads

Shift drum center bolt threads

Cam chain tensioner pivot bolt threads

Spindle plate tightening bolt threads

Locking agent d




Seat catch hook sliding area Front wheel dust seal lips

Final driven flange-to-rear wheel hub mating surface and O-ring

Rear wheel dust seal lips

Rear wheel side collar inner surface

Throttle grip pipe flange

Clutch lever pivot bolt sliding area

Rear brake pedal pivot sliding area

Gearshift pedal link tie-rod ball joints

Gearshift pedal pivot

Rider footpeg sliding area

Pillion footpeg sliding area

Side stand pivot

Center stand pivot

Multi-purpose grease

Steering head bearing sliding surface Steering head dust seal lips Swingarm pivot bearings Swingarm pivot dust seal lips Shock arm and shock link needle bearings Shock arm and shock link dust seal lips Shock absorber needle bearings Shock absorber dust seal lips

Multi-purpose grease (Shell Alvania EP2 or equivalent)

Throttle coble A, B outer inside Clutch cable outer inside Clutch cable outer inside

Cable lubricant

Handlebar grip rubber inside

Honda Bond A or Honda Hand Grip Cement (U.S.A. only)

Steering bearing adjustment nut threads

Engine oil

Front brake lever to master piston contacting area Front brake lever pivot

Rear master brake master pistou-to-push rod contacting orea

Brake caliper dust seals

Rear brake caliper boot inside

Rear brake caliper pin boot inside

Silicone yrease

Brake master piston and cups Brake caliper piston and piston seals

DOT 4 brake fluid

Fork dust seal and oil seal lips

Fork fluid

Rear brake reservoir hose joint screw threads Front brake caliper assembly bolt threads Rear broke caliper pin bolt threads

Locking agent

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    What is the material in cbr600 con rod?
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    What kind of sealer to use on honda cbr valve?
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    How to replace waterpump cbr 600?
    7 years ago

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