Separate the crankcase halves (page 11-3). Remove the mainshaft and countershaft assemblies.



Remove the dowel pins and countershaft bearing set ring.

Disassemble the mainshaft and countershaft. Clean all disassembled parts in solvent thoroughly.

Check the mainshaft and countershaft needle bearings for abnormal wear or damage.

Check the gear shifter groove for abnormal wear or damage.

Check the gear dogs, dog holes and teeth for abnormal wear or lack of lubrication.

Measure the I.D. of each gear.

SERVICE LIMITS: Mb, M6: 28.04 mm (1.104 in) C2, C3, C4: 31.04 mm (1.222 in)

Measure the O.D. of each gear bushing.

SERVICE LIMITS: M5, M6: 27.94 mm (1.100 in) C2: 30.94 mm (1.218 in) C3, C4: 30.93 mm (1.218 in)

Calculate the gear to bushing clearance.

M5, M6: 0.10 mm (0.004 in) C2: 0.10 mm (0.004 in) C3,C4: 0.11 mm (0.004 in)

Measure the O.D. of each gear bushing.

M5: 25.016 mm (0 9849 in) C7: 28.021 mm (1.1032 in)


Check the mainshaft arid countershaft fur abnormal wear or damage.


Measure the mainshaft O.D. at the M5 gear. SERVICE LIMIT: 24.96 mm (0.983 in) Measure the countershaft O.D. at the C2 gear. SERVICE LIMIT: 27.96 mm (1.101 in)

Calculate the gear bushing-to-shaft clearance.

SERVICE LIMITS: M5: 0.06 mm (0.002 in) C2: 0.06 mm (0.002 in)

Turn the outer race of each bearing with your finger. The bearings should turn smoothly and quietly. Also check that the bearing inner lace fits tightly on the shaft.

Remove and discard the mainshaft bearing if the race does not turn smoothly, quietly, or fits loosely on the mainshaft.

Replace the countershaft, collar, and bearing as an assembly if the race does not turn smoothly, quietly, or fits loosely on the countershaft.


Press out the mainshaft from the bearing using a hydraulic press.

Install with the Install a new mainshaft bearing onto the mainshaft by groove siae feeing pressing the mainshaft bearing inner race using the UP■ special tools.

TOOLS: Inner driver C Attachment, 25 mm I.D.

07746-0030100 07746-0030200










Assemble the transmission gear and shafts.

Coat each qear with clean engine oil and check for smooth movement.

Align the oil holes in the M6 bushing and mainshaft, and the C3. C4 spline bushings and countershaft.

• Align the lock washer tabs with the spline washer grooves.

• Always install the thrust washer and snap ring with the chamfered (rolled) edge facing away from the thrust load.

• Install the snap ring so that its end gap aligns with the groove in the splines.

• Make sure the snap ring is fully seated in the shaft groove after installing it.

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