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• This section covers service of the clutch, gearshift linkage, shift drum and shift forks. All service can be dune with the engine installed in the frame.

• Transmission oil viscosity and level have an effect on clutch disengagement. When the clutch does not disengage or the motorcycle creeps with clutch disengaged, inspect the transmission oil level before servicing the clutch system.




Clutch lever free play


Spring free length Disc thickness

Clutch outer guide

Plate warpage

Mainshaft O.D. at clutch outer guide



Clutch center lock nut

Clutch spring bolt/washer

Oil pump driven sprocket bolt

Shift drum center socket bolt

Shift drum stopper arm pivot bolt

Gearshift spindle return spring pin ignition pulse generator wire guide holt/washer


Clutch center holder Driver

Attachment, 32 x 35 mm Attachment, 37 x 40 mm Pilot, 17 mm Pilot, 35 mm

127 N-m (13.0 kgf-rn, 94 lbf-ft) Apply oil to the thread:

12 N-m (1.2 kgf-m, 9 lbf-ft) 15 N-m (1.5 kgf-m, 11 lbf-ft) 23 N-m (2.3 kgf-m, 17 lbf-ft) 12 N-m (1.2 kgf-m, 9 lbf-ft) ?? N-m (2.2 kgf-m, 16 lbf-ft) 12 N-m (1.2 kgf-m, 9 lbf-ft)

Stake the nut.

Apply a locking agent to the threads. Apply a locking agent to the threads.

07724-0050002 07749-0010000 07746-0010100 07746-0010200 07746-0040400 077 46-0040800

Equivalent commercially available in U.S.A.

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