Throttle body identification Except Califor nia type number ...——--

California type



Starter valve vacuum difference Base throttle valve for synchronization

20 mm Hg

Idle speed

Throttle grip free play

Intake air temperature sensor resistance (at 20X/68T)


1,300 i 100 rprn

Engine coolant temperature sensor resistance (at 20'C/68*F)

Fuel injector resistance (at 20°C/68°F)

PAIR solenoid valve resistance (at 20eC/68T)

Cam pulse yenerator peak voltage (at 20'C/68"F)

0.7 V minimum

Ignition pulse generator peak voltage (at 20"C/68'F)

0.7 V minimum

Manifold absolute pressure at idle

Fuel pressure at idle

Fuel pump flow (at 12 V)

188 cm3 (6.4 US oz, 6.6 Imp oz) minimum/10 seconds

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