Clutch lever too hard to pull in

• Damaged clutch litter mechanism

• Faulty clutch lifter bearing

• Clutch lifter piece installed improperly

Transmission jumps out of gear

• Worn shift drum stopper arm

• Weak or broken shift arm return spring

• Loose stopper plate bolt

• Bent shift fork shaft

Clutch slips when accelerating

• Worn clutch disc

• Weak clutch sprinys

• Transmission oil mixed with molybdenum or graphite addi-

Damaged shift drum cam groove

• Damaged or bent shift forks

• Worn gear engagement dogs or slots tive

Gearshift pedal will not return

• Weak or broken gearshift spindle return spring

Clutch will not disengage or motorcycle creeps with clutch • Bent gearshift spindle disengaged

• Clutch plate warped

• Loose clutch lock nut

• Improper oil viscosity

• Damaged clutch lifter mechanism

• Clutch lifter piece installed improperly

Hard to shift

• Improper clutch operation

• Improper oil viscosity

• Bent shift fork shaft

• Damaged shift drum cam groove

• Loose stopper plate bolt

• Damaged stopper plate and pin

• Damaged gearshift spindle

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