Valvevalve Guide

Check that the valve moves smoothly in Ihe guide. Inspect each valve for bends, burns or abnormal stem wear.

Check valve movement in ihe guide, measure and record each valve stem O.D.

SERVICE LIMITS: IN: 3.9G5 mm (0.1561 in) EX: 3.955 mm (0.1bb7 in)

Ream the guides to remove any carbon deposits before checking clearances.

Insert the reamer from the combustion chamber side of the head and always rotate the reamer clockwise.


Valve guide reamer, 4.008 mm 07MMH-MV90100

Hetace tne valve seals whenever The valve guides are replaced (page 8-17).

Measure and record each valve guide I.D.

SERVICE LIMITS: IN: 0.075 mm (0.0030 in) EX: 0.085 mm (0.0033 in)

If the stem-to-guide clearance is out of standard, determine if a new guide with standard dimensions would bring the clearance within tolerance. If so, replace any guides as necessary and ream to fit. If the stem-to-guide clearance is out of standard with the new guides, replace the valves and guides.

Subtract each valve stem O.D. from the corresponding guide I.D. to obtain the stem to guide clearance.



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