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The entire program consists of over 200 videos, spanning 10 hours and 150 pages of manuals, systematically teaching you all repair procedures and maintenance tips on Every section of a bike. It's the most jam-packed and intensive bike repair course you'll ever experience. 200 videos (10 hours) plus 150 pages of in-depth lessons. Step-by-step instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow format. Detailed specifications, exploded views and photographs. Suitable for Both beginners and seasoned dancers. Learn to fix, upgrade and maintain any bike, from road, race and mountain bikes. You will learn: Cleaning, Lubricating and Troubleshooting. Gear System Overview Service and Replace Cables, Cassettes Service and Replace Chainsets Adjust Indexing & Gear Ratios. How to Adjust a Bikes Headset. How to Adjust a Bikes Hub. How to Adjust a Bottom Bracket. How to Change a Bicycle Chain. How to Change a Bicycle Tire. How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars. How to Change a Flat Bike Tire. How to Check a Bikes Hanger Alignmen. tHow to Fix a Bicycle Spoke. How to Choose Fenders for Your Bike. How to Cut a Bikes Cable Housing. How to Determine the Correct Saddle Height for Your Bike. How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off. How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain. How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain. How to Install a Threadless Stem for Your Bike. How to Install Bar Ends for Your Bike. How to Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame. How to Replace a Bikes Brake Pads. How to Replace a Bikes Chain Rings. How to Replace Bike Grips. How to Replace Bike Handlebars. How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike. How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars. How to Adjust the Brakes on Your Bicycle. How to Convert a Bike to Fixed Gear. How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle. How to Install a Quill Stem for Your Bike. How to Pedal the Correct Revolutions Per Minute. How to Set Up Your Road Bike for Racing. How to Tighten or Loosen Bicycle Brakes More here...

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Hydraulic Brake

Mapas Con Hidrografia America

Frequent inhalation of brake pad dust, regardless of material composition could be hazardous to your health. Avoid breathing dust particles. Never use an air hose or brush to clean brake assemblies. Use and OSHA-approved vacuum cleaner. A contaminated brake disc or pad reduces stopping power. Discard contaminated pads and clean a contaminated disc with a high quality brake digreasing agent. Check the brake system by applying the brake lever or pedal after the air bleeding. Spilled hrake fluid...

Do Bsa Db32 Come With Rrt2 Gear

Bsa Race Single

GEARBOX The RRT2 has needle roller bearings all over the place and has a close ratio with a high first gear. Yes, you'll need a few more revs than usual and you may have to slip the clutch a little to set off. Pattern component parts are available to replace the BSA clutch but, if It's going to be behind the primary cover, why not upgrade to a bullet proof NEB speedway unit or something similar, if it'll stand 70 odd horses of speedway, It'll stand what the Goldie can hand out. Alternatively,...

Softail Deuce Sissy

Heritage Softail Sissy Bar

52615-97 Fits '97-later FLSTS models. Requires separate purchase of _Low Sissy Bar Upright. Includes mounting bracket, hardware and Installation Instructions. Requires separate purchase of Low Sissy Bar Upright P N 52735-85. 52532-90 Fits '84-later Softail _models except FXSTD . _ Matches models with top-stitched seats. Also matches '99 FXR model stock seat. Fits with H-D Low Plate-Style Sissy Bar Upright. Includes all necessary mounting hardware brackets to fit Low Plate-Style Sissy Bar...

Radiator Coolant

Secondary Air Injection Honda Cbr 250

Check the coolant level of the reserve tank with the engine running at normal operating temperature. The level should be between the UPPER and LOWER level lines with the motorcycle upright on a level surface. If the level is low, remove the right side fairing page 2-4 and the reserve tank cap, and fill the tank to the UPPER level line with a 50 50 mixture of distilled water and antitreeze coolant preparation page 6-4 . Pro Honda HP Coolant or an equivalent high quality ethylene glycol...

Adjusting The Exhaust Gas Volume

Yamaha 750 Exhaust Repair

Be sure to set the carbon monoxide density to standard, and then adjust the exhaust gas. 1. Turn the main switch to OFF and engine stop switch ON. 2. While keeping the SELECT and RESET buttons pressed simultaneously, turn ON the main switch keep them pressed for 8 seconds or more . All indications on the meter disappear except the clock and trip indications. Letters dIAG appear on the odo meter LCD. 3. Using the SELECT button, select either the Co adjustment mode which appears as Co or the...


Ami James Motorcycle

Christian convinced Ami to come out to Arizona and see the SPS plant, the company's bikes, and what the facility could do for him and the Love Hate Choppers vision. Once at the SPS factory, Ami pulled out a sketch of the bike that would later be called Love. Ami wanted to be in the design process as much as possible. The bike in this drawing looked similar to a Miami beach cruiser, according to Ami. With a set of 23-inch wheels, flat-sided spilt tanks, Shovelhead motor, a...

Cable Routing

Yamaha Xt600 Engine Oil Sistem

A Fasten the handlebar switch lead right and handlebar with a plastic band. IB Route the handlebar switch lead right backward the throttle cable and right side the brake hose guide. C Fasten the handlebar switch lead left and handlebar with a plastic band. D Fasten the handlebar switch lead left , main switch lead, clutch cable and starter cable with a plastic band. Clamp beneath the horn lead branching position. Do not fasten the horn lead. E Route the main switch lead front and left side the...

Diamond Back Harley Solo Seats

Harley Diamond Back Seats

This Softail Diamond Back Seat fits with the same great Diamond Back seat styling. Fits with current Softail Diamond Back Tail Sections and Diamond Back Pillion P N 52069-98 sold separately . Seat width 13.8. 52629-00 Fits all '00-later Softail models except FLSTS and FXSTD . Adds two-up capability to Diamond Back Seat. This custom-look pillion complements the seats in our Diamond Back Collection and is interchangeable with Diamond Back Tail Sections. Kit includes pillion and passenger grab...

Fuel System DFI

Harley Davidson Softail Wire Diagram

Exploded DFI Parts DFI Wiring Special DFI Servicing Troubleshooting the DFI System 3-17 Inquiries to DFI System Troubleshooting Guide 3-24 Self-diagnosis Self-diagnosis Service Code Clearing Procedures 3-34 How to Read Service Codes 3-36 How to Erase Service Codes 3-36 Service Code Input Voltage Output Voltage Resistance Code Input Voltage Output Voltage Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Service Code Output Voltage Sensor Resistance Inspection 3-49 Code Output Voltage Sensor Resistance Inspection...

Carburetor Combination

Vacuum Carburateur Cbr

Always replace the O-rings with new ones and coat them with oil. Apply grease to the synchronization adjusting screw tips. Install the following onto the carburetor air vent hose joint with new O-rings fuel tube joint with new O-rings joint collar choke cable holder, aligning groove with stopper thrust spring place over the synchronization nut Assemble the No. 3 and No. 4 carburetors. Always replace the O-rings with new ones and coat them with oil. Apply grease to the synchronization adjusting...

Cable Harness Routing

Suzuki Bandit Vacuum Diagram


Engine Removal And Installation Engine Removal

Honda Cbr Engine Installation Removal

Before taking the engine out of the frame, wash the engine using a steam cleaner. Engine removal is sequentially explained in the following steps. Remove the seat and side frame covers. CFS-S and -6 Remove the fuel tank. T7 4-3 Remove the fuel tank mounting bracket bolts . Remove the air cleaner box mounting bolts 2 . Remove the document tray D. First disconnect the battery lead wire, then disconnect the battery lead wire. Remove the oil drain plug and drain the engine oil. CT2-9 Disconnect all...

A 1972 Raleigh Grand Prix

1972 Raleigh Grand Prix Bike

As a retired USAF NCO with a farm to support, I don't have a lot of spare cash, but I find some for RBA even if I'm not going to ride carbon, wear spandex or shave. I got back into bikes a little over a year ago. My road ride is a '72 Raleigh Grand Prix, which I bought new and rode to rubble in southern Maryland, West Virginia and the UK. With the great help of my LBS Continental Celery, Wichita , I'm in the gradual process of upgrading it cassette 36-spoke 700 cyclotrons wheels more spokes and...

Engine Disassembly And Reassembly

Yamaha 600 3tb Piston

Identify the position of each removed part. Organize the parts in their respective groups e.g., intake, exhaust so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions. Remove each PAIR valve pipe and hose. Remove the oil filter using the special tool. 1to5l1 09915-40610 Oil filter wrench Refer to page 2-10 for installation procedures. Remove the left and right oil hoses Ito5lI 09911-73730 5 mm T type hexagon wrench Remove the cylinder head cover 3 , Sj 09914-25811 6 mm T type hexagon...

How To Replace Timing Belts On A Cbr 250

1996 Softail Transmission Drain Plug

Check the valve clearance for the No.1 and No.3 cylinder intake valves using a feeler gauge. Insert the feeler gauge between the valve lifter and the cam lobe. Valve clearance IN 0.16 0.03 mm 0.006 0.001 in Record the clearance for each valve in case shim selection is required for adjustment. Turn the crankshaft clockwise 1 2 turn 180 and make sure the index line on the ignition pulse generator rotor is facing straight up as shown not aligned with the index mark . Check the valve clearance for...

Maintenance Andtuneup Procedures

Valve Adjuster Bandit

This section describes the servicing procedures for each item mentioned in the Periodic Maintenance chart. Inspect initially at 1 000 km 600 miles, 1 month and every 12 000 km 7 500 miles, 12 months . Remove the seat and fuel tank. C7 4-3 Remove all of the spark plugs. Remove the cylinder head cover and signal generator cover. The valve clearance specification is different for both intake and exhaust valves. Valve clearance adjustment must be checked and adjusted 1 at the time of periodic...

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