Operation with improperly adjusted, incorrectly routed or damaged cables could result in an unsafe riding condition.

*If the idle speed is out of the specified range, adjust it.

Idle Speed Adjustment

• Start the engine and warm it up thoroughly.

• Turn the adjusting screw [A] until the idle speed is correct. OOpen and close the throttle a few times to make sure that the idle speed is within the specified range. Readjust if necessary.

Engine Vacuum Synchronization Inspection


OThese procedures are explained on the assumption that the inlet and exhaust systems of the engine are in good condition.

• Situate the motorcycle so that it is vertical.

• Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel System (DFI) chapter).

• Pull off the vacuum hoses and the rubber cap (s) from the right fitting of each throttle body.

• Pull off the vacuum switch valve hose (thick) [A] from the air cleaner housing [B].


Do not remove the inlet air pressure sensor hoses on the left fitting of each throttle body.

• Connect a commercially available vacuum gauge to these right fittings of the throttle body as shown.

• Connect a highly accurate tachometer to one of the stick coil primary leads.

Vacuum Switch Valve Hose (thick) and its Air Cleaner Housing Hole

Vacuum Hoses of Throttle Assy (see the next figure)

A. Except California D. Vacuum Switch Valve Hose (small) G. Canister

B. California E. Inlet Air Pressure Sensor Hose H. Vacuum Gauge

C. Front F. Separator I. Plugs

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