If the drive chain wear exceeds the service limit, replace the chain or an unsafe riding condition may result. A chain that breaks or jumps off the sprockets could snag on the engine sprocket or lock the rear wheel, severely damaging the motorcycle and causing it to go out of control. For safely, use only the standard chain. It is an endless type and should not be cut for installation.

Standard Chain Make: ENUMA

Type: EK525MVXL2

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Drive Chain Lubrication

• If a special lubricant is not available, a heavy oil such as SAE 90 is preferred to a lighter oil because it will stay on the chain longer and provide better lubrication.

• If the chain appears especially dirty, clean it before lubrication.


The O-rings between the side plates seal in the lubricant between the pin and the bushing. To avoid damaging the O-rings and resultant loss of lubricant, observe the following rules. Use only kerosene or diesel oil for cleaning an O -ring drive chain.

Any other cleaning solution such as gasoline or trichloroethylene will cause deterioration and swelling of the O-ring.

Immediately blow the chain dry with compressed air after cleaning.

Complete cleaning and drying the chain within 10 minutes.

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