Wipe off spilled out fuel immediately.

Be sure to hold the measuring cylinder vertical.

Temporarily instal the fuel tank and close the fuel tank cap.

With the engine stopped, turn the ignition switch ON. The fuel pump should operate for 3 seconds, and then should stop. Repeat this several times until the plastic hose is filled with fuel.


Do not drive the fuel pump without the fuel in the fuel tank.

• Measure the discharge for 3 seconds with the plastic hose filled with fuel.

ORepeat this operation several times.

Amount of Fuel Flow Standard: 67 mL (2.3 US oz) or more for 3 seconds

• If the fuel flow is much less than the specified, check the battery condition (see Electrical System chapter). If the battery is good, replace the fuel pump.

• After inspection, install the fuel tank. (see Fuel Tank Installation).

• Start the engine and check for fuel leakage.

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