Gasoline is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. Make sure the area is well-ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Do not smoke. Turn the ignition switch OFF. Disconnect the battery (-) terminal. To make fuel spillage minimum, draw the fuel out from the fuel tank when the engine is cold. Be prepared for fuel spillage; any spilled fuel must be completely wiped up immediately.

• Draw the fuel out from the fuel tank with a commercially available electric pump.

• Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel Tank Removal).

OBe careful of fuel spillage from the fuel tank since fuel still remains in the fuel tank and fuel pump. Plug the fuel pipe of the fuel tank.

• Turn the fuel tank upside down.

• Unscrew the fuel pump bolts [B], and take out the fuel pump [C] and gasket.

• Discard the fuel pump gasket.


Do not pull the leads of the fuel pump. If they are pulled, the lead terminals may be damaged.

Fuel Pump Installation

• Remove dirt or dust from the fuel pump [A] by lightly applying compressed air.

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Replace the fuel pump gasket [A] with a new one.

• Check that the fuel pump (-) terminal [A] and band [B] are in place.

• Apply a non-permanent locking agent to the threads of the fuel pump bolts.

• Tighten the fuel pump bolts to a snug fit, following the tightening sequence shown.

• Following the tightening sequence, tighten the fuel pump bolts to the specified torque.

Torque - Fuel Pump Bolts: 9.8 N m (1.0 kgf m, 87 in lb)

• Tighten the pump bolts again to check the tightness in the order shown.

Operation Inspection


OBe sure the battery is fully charged. OJust listen to the pump sound in the fuel tank to confirm pump operation.

• Turn the ignition switch ON and make sure that the fuel pump operates (make light sounds) for 3 seconds, and then stops.

• Turn the ignition switch OFF.

*If the pump does not work as described above, inspect the operating voltage.

Operating Voltage Inspection


OBe sure the battery is fully charged.

• Turn the ignition switch OFF.

• Remove the fuel tank bolt and lift up the fuel tank.

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