After measurement, replace the connecting rod bolts.

Connecting Rod Big End Bearing Insert/Crankpin Clearance Standard: 0.041 ~ 0.071 mm (0.0016 ~ 0.0028 in.) Service Limit: 0.11 mm (0.0043 in.)

*If the clearance is within the standard, no bearing replacement is required.

★ If the clearance is between 0.072 mm (0.00284 in.) and the service limit (0.11 mm, 0.0043 in.), replace the bearing inserts [A] with inserts painted blue [B]. Check in-sert/crankpin clearance with the plastigage. The clearance may exceed the standard slightly, but it must not be less than the minimum in order to avoid bearing seizure.

★ If the clearance exceeds the service limit, measure the diameter of the crankpins.

Crankpin Diameter Standard: 34.984 ~ 35.000 mm (1.3773 ~ 1.3780 in.) Service Limit: 34.97 mm (1.3768 in.)

★ If any crankpin has worn past the service limit, replace the crankshaft with a new one.

★ If the measured crankpin diameters are not less than the service limit, but do not coincide with the original diameter markings on the crankshaft, make new marks on it.

Crankpin Diameter Marks

None 34.984 ~ 34.992 mm (1.3773 ~ 1.3776 in.) o 34.993 ~ 35.000 mm (1.3777 ~ 1.3780 in.)

A: Crankpin Diameter Marks, "O" or no mark.

★ Measure the connecting rod big end inside diameter, and mark each connecting rod big end in accordance with the inside diameter.

★ Tighten the connecting rod big end nuts to the specified torque (see Connecting Rod Installation).

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