Brake fluid quickly ruins painted or plastic surfaces; any spilled fluid should be completely wiped up immediately with wet cloth.

• When removing the brake hose, take care not to spill the brake fluid on the painted or plastic parts.

• When removing the brake hose, temporarily secure the end of the brake hose to some high place to keep fluid loss to a minimum.

• There are washers on each side of the brake hose fitting. Replace them with new ones when installing.

• When installing the hoses, avoid sharp bending, kinking, flattening or twisting, and route the hoses according to Cable, Wire and Hose Routing section in General Information chapter.

Torque-Brake Hose Banjo Bolts: 25 N-m (2.5 kgf-m, 18 ftlb)

• Bleed the brake line after installing the brake hose (see Brake Line Bleeding in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

Brake Hose Inspection

• Refer to the Brake Hoses and Connection Inspection in the Periodic Maintenance chapter.

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