Engine Lubrication System

Engine Oil Change

• Situate the motorcycle so that it is vertical after warming up the engine.

• Remove the engine drain plug [A] to drain the oil. OThe oil in the oil filter can be drained by removing the filter

(see Oil Filter Change).

• Replace the drain plug gasket [B] with a new one if it is damaged.

• Tighten the drain plug.

Torque - Engine Drain Plug: 20 Nm (2.0 kgfm, 14.5 ftlb)

• Pour in the specified type and amount of oil.

Engine Oil Grade: API SE, SF or SG

API SH or SJ with JASO MA Viscosity: SAE 10W-40

Amount: 3.1 L (3.3 US qt) (when filter is not removed) 3.3 L (3.5 US qt) (when filter is removed) 3.8 L (4.0 US qt) (when engine is completely dry)


ODepending on the atmospheric temperature of your riding area, the engine oil viscosity should be changed according to the chart.

Oil Filter Change

• Drain the engine oil (see Engine Oil Change).

Lower Fairing (see Frame chapter)

• Remove the oil filter [A] with the oil filter wrench [B]. Special Tool - Oil Filter Wrench: 57001-1249

• Replace the filter with a new one.

• Apply engine oil to the gasket [A] before installation.

• Tighten the filter with the oil filter wrench.

Torque-Oil Filter (P/No. 16097-1070): 27 N m (2.8 kgf m, 20 ft lb)

Oil Filter (P/No. 16097-0002): 31 N m (3.2 kgf m, 23 ft lb)


OHand tightening of the oil filter can not be allowed since it does not reach to this tightening torque.

• Pour in the specified type and amount of oil (see Engine Oil Change).

GS09010BS1 C

GS09010BS1 C

Kawa 57001 1249
GG050402S1 C

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