Engine Removal Installation

• Support the engine with a suitable stand [A].

OPut a plank [B] onto the suitable stand for engine balance.


Right and Left Engine Upper Mounting Bolts [A] Front Engine Bracket Bolts [B] Front Engine Bracket [C]

Remove the middle and lower engine mounting nuts [A]

and bolts.


Rear Engine Bracket Bolts [B] Rear Engine Bracket [C]

1 Using the nut wrench [A], loosen the locknut [B]. Special Tool - Engine Mount Nut Wrench: 57001-1450

Using the Hexagon Wrench, turn the adjusting collar [A] counter clockwise to mark the gap between the engine and flame adjusting collar.

Remove the drive chain [A] from the output shaft [B].

• Down the rear portion of the engine a little and remove the engine ground [A].

OUnscrew the ground bolt [B].

• Using the stand, take out the engine.

OClear the camshaft position sensor from the frame.

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