Final Drive

Drive Chain Slack Inspection


O Check the slack with the motorcycle setting on its side stand.

OClean the chain if it is dirty, and lubricate it if it appears dry.

• Check the wheel alignment (see Wheel Alignment Inspection).

• Rotate the rear wheel to find the position where the chain is tightest.

• Measure the vertical movement (chain slack) [A] midway between the sprockets.

• If the chain slack exceeds the standard, adjust it.

Drive Chain Slack Adjustment

• Remove the cotter pin [A], and loosen the axle nut [B].

• Loosen the both chain adjuster locknuts [C].

• If the chain is too loose, turn out the left and right chain adjuster [D] evenly.

• If the chain is too tight, turn in the left and right chain adjusters evenly, and kick the wheel forward.

• Turn both chain adjusters evenly until the drive chain has the correct amount of slack. To keep the chain and wheel properly aligned, the notch [E] on the left wheel alignment indicator [F] should align with the same swingarm mark or position [G] that the right indicator notch aligns with.

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