GP120402S1 C

(*): Cycle(s) per minute (**): Corrected to "one light burned out".

Tail/Brake Light (LED) Removal

Seats (see Frame chapter)

Upper Seat Cover (see Frame chapter)

• Disconnect the tail/brake light (LED) connector [A] and rear turn signal connectors [B].

Lighting System

• Remove the tail/brake light (LED) [B]. OPull out the mount portion [C].

Tail/Brake Light (LED) Installation • Tighten the tail/brake light mounting screws. Torque - Tail/Brake Light Mounting Screws: 1.2 N-m (0.12 kgf-m, 11 in-lb)

Fan System Circuit Inspection

• Disconnect the lead connector [A] from the radiator fan switch.

• Using an auxiliary wire [A], connect the radiator fan switch leads.

*If the fan rotates, inspect the fan switch. *If the fan does not rotate, inspect the following. Leads and Connectors Main Fuse and Fan Fuse Fan Motor

Fan Motor Inspection

• Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel System (DFI) chapter).

• Disconnect the 2-pin connector [A] in the fan motor leads. OPull the lead until come out the connector.

• Using two auxiliary wires [A], supply battery [B] power to the fan motor.

*If the fan does not rotate, the fan motor is defective and must be replaced.

Radiator Fan System

Radiator Fan Circuit

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