ORemove all pittings of flaws from 45° ground surface. O After grinding with 45° cutter, apply thin coat of machinist's dye to seating surface. This makes seating surface distinct and 32° and 60° grinding operation easier. OWhen the valve guide is replaced, be sure to grind with 45° cutter for centering and good contact.

*If the outside diameter [A] of the seating surface is too large, make the 32° grind described below.

• If the outside diameter of the seating surface is within the specified range, measure the seat width as described below.

• Grind the seat at a 32° angle [B] until the seat O.D. is within the specified range.

OTo make the 32° grind, fit a 32° cutter into the holder, and slide it into the valve guide.

OTurn the holder one turn at a time while pressing down very lightly. Check the seat after each turn.

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