OIfa new piston is used, use new piston ring.

• Install the piston with its hollow facing forward.

• Fit a new piston pin snap ring into the side of the piston so that the ring opening [A] does not coincide with the slit [B] of the piston pin hole.

OApply molybdenum disulfide oil solution to the piston pins and piston journals. OWhen installing the piston pin snap ring, compress it only enough to install it and no more.


Do not reuse snap rings, as removal weakens and deforms them.

They could fall out and score the cylinder wall.

• Install the cylinder (see Cylinder Installation). Cylinder Wear

• Since there is a difference in cylinder wear in different directions, take a side-to-side and a front-to-back measurement at each of the two locations (total of four measurements) shown in the figure.

• If any of the cylinder inside diameter measurements exceeds the service limit, replace the cylinder.

Cylinder Inside Diameter Standard: 77.194 - 77.206 mm (3.0391 - 3.0396 in.) Service Limit: 77.30 mm (3.0433 in.)

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