OThe fluid level must be checked often during the bleeding operation and replenished with fresh brake fluid as necessary. If the fluid in the reservoir runs completely out any time during bleeding, the bleeding operation must be done over again from the beginning since air will have entered the line. OTap the brake hose lightly from the caliper to the reservoir for more complete bleeding. OFront Brake: Repeat the above steps for the other caliper.

• Remove the clear plastic hose.

• Install the reservoir cap.

Torque - Front Reservoir Cap Screw: 1.5 N-m (0.15 kgf-m, 13 inlb)

• Follow the procedure below to install the rear brake fluid reservoir cap correctly.

OFirst, tighten the rear brake fluid reservoir cap [B] clockwise [C] by hand until the resistance is felt fully; then, tighten the cap an additional 1/6 turn [D] while holding the brake fluid reservoir [A] body.

• Tighten the bleed valve, and install the rubber cap. Torque - Bleed Valve: 7.8 N-m (0.80 kgf-m, 69 in lb)

• After bleeding is done, check the brake for good braking power, no brake drag, and no fluid leakage.

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