OFor the engine fasteners, check the tightness of them when the engine is cold (at room temperature).

*If there are loose fasteners, retighten them to the specified torque, following the specified tightening sequence. Refer to the appropriate chapter for torque specifications. If torque specifications are not in the appropriate chapter, see the Standard Torque Table in this section. For each fastener, first loosen it by 1/2 turn, then tighten it. *If cotter pins are damaged, replace them with new ones. Nut, Bolt and Fastener to be checked Wheels: Front Axle

Front Axle Clamp Bolts Rear Axle Nut Rear Axle Nut Cotter Pin Brakes:

Front Master Cylinder Clamp Bolts Caliper Mounting Bolts Rear Master Cylinder Mounting Bolts Brake Lever Pivot Nut Brake Pedal Bolt Brake Rod Joint Cotter Pin Suspension: Front Fork Clamp Bolts Front Fender Mounting Bolt Rear Shock Absorber Mounting Nuts Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut Swingarm Pivot Shaft Lock Nut Uni-Trak Link Nuts Steering: Stem Head Nut Handlebar Clamp Bolts Engine:

Throttle Cable Adjuster Locknuts Engine Mounting Bolts and Nuts Downtube Bolts Muffler Mounting Bolts Exhaust Pipe Holder Nuts Muffler Connecting Clamp Bolt Clutch Lever Pivot Nut Radiator Upper and Lower Bolts Others: Sidestand Bolt Footpeg Stay Bolts Rear Frame Mounting Bolts

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