Steering Stem

1 Apply grease the lower ball bearing [A] and install it onto the stem.

1 Apply grease to the upper ball bearing [B] and inner race [C].

Install the stem [A] through the head pipe and install the ball bearing [B] and inner race [C] on it.

Install the stem cap [D] and steering stem nut [E].

• Settle the inner races in place as follows:

OTighten the steering stem nut with 39 Nm (4.0 kgfm, 29 ftlb) of torque first, and loosen it a fraction of a turn until it turns lightly. Afterward tighten it again with specified torque using a stem nut wrench [A] in the direction shown.

OCheck that there is no play and the steering stem turns smoothly without rattles. If not, the steering stem bearings may be damaged.

Special Tool - Steering Stem Nut Wrench: 57001-1100 Torque - Steering Stem Nut: 27 N m (2.75 kgf m, 20 ft lb)

• Install the claw washer [A] so that its bent side [B] faces upward, and engage the bent claws with the grooves of stem locknut [C].

• Hand tighten the stem locknut until it touches the claw washer.

• Tighten the stem locknut clockwise until the claws are aligned with the grooves (ranging from 2nd to 4th) of stem nut [D], and bend the 2 claws downward [E].

• Install the washer, and tighten the stem head bolt with specified torque.

• Install the steering stem head bolt plug.

• Install the front fork (see Suspension chapter).


OTighten the fork upper clamp bolts first, next the stem head nut, last the fork lower clamp bolts.

Torque - Steering Stem Head Bolt : 108 Nm (11 kgfm, 80 ftlb)

Front Fork Clamp Bolts (Upper): 8.8 N m (0.90 kgf m, 78 inlb) 13 N m (1.3 kgf m, 113 in lb): ZR1000-A2 ~ Front Fork Clamp Bolts (Lower): 20 N m (2.0 kgf m, 15 ft lb) 30 N m (3.1 kgf m, 22 ft lb): ZR1000-A2 -


OTighten the two clamp bolts alternately two times to ensure even tightening torque.

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